September, the start of spring in the southern hemisphere, but I still remember the Northern hemisphere, the end of summer, harvest time and the start of autumn. My first memory of a harvest was when I was around three, it was the first proper harvest after the war, there were enough men returned to make it a really good one.    Although there was still petrol … Continue reading September


Taken a few years ago, Eddy the Great Dane and Lockie and Huggie the Labradors.  Huggie passed away a couple of years ago, and now just after Christmas Eddy died naturally, walking to the horse paddock, simply dropped from a heart attack we think. There have been so many animals that are part of our lives, all the cats, dogs and horses, even a white … Continue reading Endings


Just this last week we have been woken up by the sound of two baby magpies.    Ahh Magpies, those lovely birds, the jazz musicians of the avian world, trills and themes, beautiful melodies. Yes that’s the parents, the baby magpies sound like a squeaky gate hinge, monotone MUM MUM MUM, on and on.  Eventually they learn their own song, until then they are noisy. And … Continue reading Birds

The gentle art of Swedish Death Cleaning

So what has an elephant to do with Swedish Death cleaning ? simply because it’s a very old slide I digitised a while ago.      This morning I finally got round to looking at the boxes of slides; smelling slightly musty as I opened the boxes, took out the cartridges and,dumped them. Not in a heap I put my thumb through each slide separating the increasingly … Continue reading The gentle art of Swedish Death Cleaning

A beautiful morning

Back on my favourite beach, the morning cloud clearing to a deep blue ,The water crisp, but invigorating .    Perfect for the morning exercise of a water run from the pontoon to the groyne and back. John was sitting outside in the sunshine finishing reading his book, and drinking a hot chocolate, which I’d delivered after a very interesting encounter.      Leaning on the counter waiting … Continue reading A beautiful morning


  There are so many connections I have made on this beach, today was no exception.  Clear water, beautiful warm weather, I reached the rocks , without seeing any of the usual morning crowd. Sleeping in for the first time for ages meant a whole different crowd.  Sitting perched on the rocks was a lone figure, nut brown from exposure to the sun, he looked … Continue reading Connections

Old friends

Just before Christmas we had an unexpected visit from some old friends, a delight to see them both.  Of course none of us had aged a single day since we last met, even though their small children are now university students and beyond. Through Facebook we had stayed in touch so were aware of all the events of our varying pasts.   Hopefully it won’t … Continue reading Old friends