After ten months or more like a year I’ve finished a first draft novel, which will now need a lot of polishing up!  Whilst this was going on my other half got rectal cancer, he was lucky in that it was caught very early and is now recovered. Plus all the usual chaos of so called normal life, however it is slowly returning to something … Continue reading Returning

Adieu for now

I am taking a break from blogging, and will be easing out of receiving mail form other bloggers, I have enrolled in a ten month first draft novel course, so this will be getting all my attention!!! Nice to meet some other bloggers, I will return maybe later in the year maybe not, certainly next year. Lyn Continue reading Adieu for now

Hugh’s photo challenge week 1 what did you eat for breakfast/

Breakfast doesn’t vary for various health reasons, I can only eat a measured amount of salt a day. So the easy breakfast is in the photo as raw, I simply put all ingredients in a blender and mix up and drink. So 1 banana, four strawberries, about three heaped spoonsful of blueberries, and a healthy dollop of yoghurt. I will vary at our local café … Continue reading Hugh’s photo challenge week 1 what did you eat for breakfast/


One of the most important things in anyone’s life is a sense of belonging. Some are lucky enough to remain with their family, in a defined area. For those of us who through choice or circumstance have wandered far from their original roots they have to make their own community. Growing up with family in a small area, bounded by a village inland which in … Continue reading Community


I have done a couple of short writing courses; thought maybe I’d share a few of the products once in a while so this is one. Susie loved her early mornings in the conservatory; even on rainy days the light made her feel relaxed. Today however her favourite place failed to work it’s magic, the sweet scent of freesias sickening her. Wednesday the day she … Continue reading Susie